Duan, Zhongtao (William)

Madison is one of the most livable cities in the country. I can focus on my studies here without worrying about my safety.

Fang, Xuzhu

This program is consistent with my major, and I believe this major can help me have a better career development in the future.

Fang, Yuan

I reviewed articles from reputable publications — all of which described UW-Madison as being one of the top schools in both finance and economics.

Gajghate, Omprakash

The coursework is designed by distinguished faculty, which matches with the current market need.

Guan, Zequn

I am looking to work in a securities company after graduation, and this program allows me to learn about securities, stocks, and other related concepts.

Huang, Jianyang

Being able to study economics and finance in such a beautiful setting has been a great experience.

Huang, Lishi

Madison is a peaceful town with world-famous faculty in Economics and Business, making it the perfect place to continue my education.

Jang, Hanbyul

I chose the MSFE program to develop skills related to my work in project financing and infrastructure development.

Jiang, Haolin

The small class size allows students to communicate easily with professors, as well as with each other both in and out of class.

Kang, Zifan (Stefan)

I want real-life examples and case studies from the financial world. Financial economics is a natural choice for me.