Medema, Marcus

I have strong career interests in private equity, quantitative analysis, and corporate finance.

Niu, Jiahui

I think the MSFE program at UW-Madison is an extraordinary program that combines knowledge from both finance and economics.

Pan, Xianshu

I chose the MSFE program because the professors are high-quality and the university is ranked high in the world.

Qu, Junwen

UW-Madison is a world-renowned university. It’s a place where I can interact with many remarkable and talented people, receive cutting-edge-level education and broaden the horizons of my life.

Rickert, Nathan

I chose this program to experience the rich tradition in economics and econometrics offered at UW-Madison, along with access to faculty and services in both the finance & economic departments.

Shang, Xingyu

The MSFE program has knowledgeable professors and provides great insights into the financial industry.

Shen, Dong

This program provides quantitative and practical training opportunities, which expands my career options after graduation.

Shen, Yanhui

I worked in the financial industry and was attracted to the interdisciplinary characteristic of the MSFE program at UW-Madison.

Shende, Purvesh

Madison is a very quiet and peaceful city to live in with people from different diversities, and plenty of options to try different cuisine.