Shu, Wen

Madison is tranquil and beautiful, and is a great place to study and think.

Su, Haohan

The MSFE program combines finance and economics with theoretical knowledge and practical operation.

Sun, Qianhui (Sunny)

This program is well organized. Professors are excellent in academia, charming in personality and easy to reach when it comes to coursework.

Sun, Zhihan

The coursework of MSFE closely relates to programming and real-world investment, which are solid foundations for my career objectives.

Tang, Yuman

In MSFE we are taught by top-class, amazing faculty. We learn a lot from them, including practical industry experience we won’t learn in books.

Tu, Hsiu-Yu

I can learn practical methods to apply economic and financial knowledge and increase my capabilities to deal with real-world scenarios.

Wang, Hongcheng

I chose this program because it has a lot of quantitative materials that allow me to strengthen my academic background in both finance and economics at the same time.

Wang, Zihan

I am intrigued by the program’s academic reputation, rigorous but encouraging academic atmosphere, and renowned professors.

Wong, Preston

I was looking to complete a Master’s program to demonstrate to PhD programs that I can handle graduate coursework.

Wu, Yifeng

I love business and look forward to working in the field. This program will strengthen my knowledge in finance and economics.