Xu, Hang

I chose the MSFE program because the academic atmosphere at UW-Madison is strong and the teachers are excellent.

Yan, Bin

This program is perfect for me as I can study finance issues based on the theoretical approach and history of economics I have studied.

Yang, Zhenming

I want to work in the Private Equity/Venture Capital industries; that’s why I choose the MSFE program.

You, Zeyun

The MSFE program allows me access to courses from two departments so I can study finance in a quantitative way.

Zhang, Chengrui

The rank of UW-Madison is high, and the academic environment of UW-Madison is very good.

Zhang, Fali

Every professor of mine has been knowledgeable and helpful.

Zheng, Jiawei

I chose this program to receive rigorous and applicable quantitative training and to study finance in depth.