An, Jiaxin

Career resources, including workshops, STEM, and the large alumni base provided by the MSFE degree program will provide tremendous benefits to launching and advancing my career.

Bian, Yunjing

The MSFE program emphasizes quantitative methods and analyst skills, which will serve as competitive tools in my future career.

Cai, Yifan

Finance is rooted in Economics, so this program is the perfect place to thoroughly combine and understand both.

Chen, Jianan

This program offers lots of opportunities to learn about risk management and investment strategies, which is consistent with my interests.

Chen, Radian

The MSFE program will help me to become very versatile in the work force and help me explore various different possible career paths.

Chen, Shijie

This program offers many courses that both challenge and excite me at the same time.

Chen, Yijia

The MSFE program offers training in economics, finance and investment, which serve as strong tools in the job market.

Cheng, Xiao

This program has allowed me to learn things I never had the opportunity to during my undergrad education.

Chenyue , Wu

After earning my undergraduate degree here at UW-Madison, I knew I wanted to stay longer and develop my Business and Economics skills through this program.

Dompreh, Foster

This program allows me to use modern software programming languages to practice financial modeling.