Qianhui (Sunny) Sun

Position title: 2021 Cohort

Email: qsun87@wisc.edu

What is your educational background? I was born and raised in a tropical island on China mainland. After graduating from Economics and Management School in Wuhan University, I decided to pursue a masters degree in the U.S. My undergraduate program was based on economics, but had a finance concentration, which is very similar to the MSFE curriculum.

Why did you choose this program? Though this is the first year of the program, it is well organized. All of the professors are not just excellent in academia, they are very charming in personality and extremely easy to reach when it comes to coursework. So far, my favorite professor is Prof. Sebastien Plante. He is logical and meticulous in designing lecture notes. Not everything in life needs a reason, but in his course, every bulletin point has one. He is also good at teaching Python and designing exercises. I rebuilt a solid knowledge of basic investment theory through his class.

What do you enjoy about Madison? Madison is a beautiful town with lakes and great hiking trails. I love walking around Lake Mendota when the sun shines during the day, and I enjoy a latte when I come home. However, one thing I really need to learn to adjust to is the shorter daylight hours in the winter months.

What are your career aspirations? I can’t say what I want to do for sure after this program. What I can be sure of is that we all have possibilities; MSFE is probably the key that helps me believe in mine.

Where are you hired after your graduation? I am currently a PhD student in Finance at the Wisconsin School of Business at UW-Madison.